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September & October Posts

Nowhere near as busy as the end of August (damn you real life!), we still got a few posts out. I’m counting November 1st as October, because in some parts of the world, it was.


Book list

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WANTED: Prompts and filler!

Yes, we’ve got two dozen books to read, and just as many half finished posts, but that doesn’t mean we know when to stop! Especially when our lesbian book list post has nearly 5000 notes4600 looks like 5000 when you’re as excited about that as we are.

So what really random niche, identity, job, culture or other topic do you want to see a book list on? 

If we can find books, you get a book list! If we can’t, then I guess you win. And we’ll order people to write books on that topic for you. We have delusions of grandeur.

Oh, and if you already know of ALL THE BOOKS in a certain topic, or want to write about the lack of them, or want to review your favourites, we are always happy to accept guest posts. So very happy. It makes our random update schedule look more respectable. We do have standards and will tidy your posts up spelling wise and so on, but we’re trying to be the ULTIMATE RESOURCE, which means letting other people share sometimes.

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July and August 2013

A quick round up of our posts from July and August this year. There’s one more week left in August, but I feel like posting now.

Individual Book Reviews

Other Posts

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Good Lesbian Book Lists: finding lesbian fiction through our site

So the first round-up of links went viral, which was awesome. Unfortunately, it’s also out of date. Out of date in a good way, because now we have more book lists. For the most up-to-date list in future, see this page on the site. For a list and star rating of all the titles we’ve reviewed to date, see the List of Book Reviews.

Themed/Niche Book Lists

Want something FREE?

You don’t quite have what I want… where else can I start looking for good lesbian books?
  • Well, there’s our actual reviews, of course! (Come see what we’ve posted lately!)
  • For general scifi and fantasy, the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are a great place to start; we’ve got a short list of the lesbian books out of the whole spectrum here: The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards: Overview & Lesbian Recipients
  • The Sci-fi/Fantasy page is also pretty up to date, and gives a nice overview of what we’ve already reviewed on the site so far, and introduces you to some good authors.
  • For reliable lesbian fiction authors, check out the Alice B Readers Awards, which go to authors who publish a lot of good (enough) lesbian fiction, rather than to specific books.
  • To just start browsing books on Amazon, try the Good Lesbian Books Amazon Store. Yes, we know that searching for ‘lesbian’ just brings up porn and everything in the ‘Gay & Lesbian’ category, so we’ve curated this handy store. It doesn’t contain every lesbian book published, but it’s got an awful lot of them.
  • For more award winning GLBTQ books, check the Award Winning Lesbian Books page (we’ve got the Lambda and Stonewall awards up, as well as the previously mentioned Alice B Readers and Gaylactic Spectrum Awards. They tend to be mixed GLBTQ, so we’re going through and identifying the lesbian stuff).
How About Some Fun Arty Stuff?

Why don’t you have a list on…?

  • because we’re still putting it together
  • because we haven’t thought of it yet
  • because there aren’t really any books that fit 
  • because there are way too many and we’re scared

So if there’s something you’re dying to find books on, suggest it! 

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