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hi there ;)

you have probably heard this suggestion a million times over
but Jeanette Winterson’s "Oranges are Not the Only Fruit" (
was a wonderfully informative novel  that touches on very important issues and struggles faced in the controversy of what the world (and this case particularily the catholic church) deems “un-natural passions”

however as neither a woman or homosexual, I doubt my opinion has much authority here. but I very much support what you are doing, and I think it is important for young men and women alike to explore their sexualities by exposing themselves to literature that doesn’t necessarily conform to today’s horrific standards set by modern mainstream media.

Thank you! And psh, everyone’s allowed opinions. You don’t have as great a direct stake, obviously, but sexuality and gender and media norms affect everyone, one way or another. And I strongly support making all our books ordinary and mainstream and not just part of an obscure subculture.

On your actual suggestion: we’re aware of the book, but we haven’t read it. We tend to go “oh, we can read that later” about the most well known titles, and …well, they need the promotion less. But they’re still very worth reviewing, and having someone express interest in a book gets it bumped right up the list (for example, I reviewed Fingersmith recently, because a reader asked what I’d thought of it, and I had to admit that I hadn’t read it yet. SO I FIXED THAT).

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September & October Posts

Nowhere near as busy as the end of August (damn you real life!), we still got a few posts out. I’m counting November 1st as October, because in some parts of the world, it was.


Book list

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WANTED: Prompts and filler!

Yes, we’ve got two dozen books to read, and just as many half finished posts, but that doesn’t mean we know when to stop! Especially when our lesbian book list post has nearly 5000 notes4600 looks like 5000 when you’re as excited about that as we are.

So what really random niche, identity, job, culture or other topic do you want to see a book list on? 

If we can find books, you get a book list! If we can’t, then I guess you win. And we’ll order people to write books on that topic for you. We have delusions of grandeur.

Oh, and if you already know of ALL THE BOOKS in a certain topic, or want to write about the lack of them, or want to review your favourites, we are always happy to accept guest posts. So very happy. It makes our random update schedule look more respectable. We do have standards and will tidy your posts up spelling wise and so on, but we’re trying to be the ULTIMATE RESOURCE, which means letting other people share sometimes.

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End of August 2013

Just following up from the July & August post, these are the rest of the things we have posted in the month of August.

Book Reviews


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What are your pet peeves about Lesfic?

We’ve got a whole essay on the topic: Pet Peeves and Problems in Lesbian Fiction, and these are the main points.

  1. Reused Plots
  2. Poor Writing/Editing
  3. Terrible Characters
  4. F/F
  5. Finding It
  6. Sex Scenes
  7. Limited Variety

What do you hate about lesbian fiction right now? What turns you off from recommending it to people, or leaping happily into a pile of random lesfic and writhing in joy, without carefully checking the titles (and the number of hardbacks) first? 

Free cookies for the most entertaining rants.

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July and August 2013

A quick round up of our posts from July and August this year. There’s one more week left in August, but I feel like posting now.

Individual Book Reviews

Other Posts

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Two New Lesbian Posters

Two new artworks in the GoodLesbianBooks Zazzle store this week! The posters are linked below, but you can find the designs on lots of different things.

Lesbians in Space (Blue Galaxy Version) Posters 

Lesbians in Space (Blue Galaxy Version) Poster 

This one was inspired by the Lesbians in Space book list, a mix of starry eyed and starry skied romance, and slightly over the top science fiction. Basically, while it’s not obviously ‘bookish’, it was probably what I’d paint for the cover of the genre.

Rainbows In Her Hair Posters 
Rainbows In Her Hair Poster 

This was a more graphic design-ish work. Rainbows for LGBTQness, and a quill for writing with. 

You can find more lesbian themed posters from across Zazzle and Amazon here.

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Anonymous asked: Are you willing to do a review of a new lesbian book?

Always! But please, please don’t expect to see a review for a couple of months. We get 5-10 books sent to us a month, and we’re lucky to get eight reviewed on average, not counting all the library books and second hand books and books we actually buy for ourselves.

It must be published, and if you don’t send us the final copy, prepare to be criticised on the problems left in the version you send. We are reviewing for our readers, the author selling stuff and getting useful feedback is entirely a bonus, so if we have problems with the book we will say so. But we do try and consider that some things are simply a matter of taste.

Also, too many of the ‘please review my new book’ books we get are in desperate need of an editor. There are a few obsessive authors who clean up carefully, and get it proof read all over the place, and we love them for it. And there are a handful of decent publishers who vet and advise and edit and we love them for it. But far too many books suffer from a) inexperience, b) self publishing or crappy publishing companies, which means lower standards of editing and writing, which is a horrible thing to see dragging down a perfectly good story. (On the plus side, it means more lesbian fiction than ever before, of all kinds, is actually making it to publication. Which is awesome. But on an individual basis, it can be very frustrating).

And while we’re on this topic, bisexual stuff is absolutely welcome and we’re even interested in trans books as well. There just has to be a major female identified or female bodied attraction to other female persons present. ‘Lesbian’ is just a handy catchall, for the sake of actually writing sentences shorter than a paragraph.

Books with very minor lesbian content will be greeted with ‘…did you even look at our site?’ While we do occasionally review books that aren’t particularly ‘lesbian’, we usually review them because we picked them up expecting them to be lesbian, and we feel it’s only fair that we warn others. 

You can email a file of it (for a Kindle, so mobi/text files of some kind preferred), or a download link for it to goodlesbianbook [at] (do not expect us to pay actual money in order to review it for you, or say ‘you should check this book out’ and then expect us to rush off and buy it). If you’re feeling particularly awesome, or have an awesome publisher, we adore actual paper copies - they’re much easier to read, and to pass between both reviewers. But we understand that shipping around the world can be a bit too pricey to be worth it.

Any other questions?

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